VVVF Variable speed drives Outputs 0.37 . . . 3000KW

Single & Three Phase
Programmable system control functions
EMC Approved
DC Variable speed drives 20 . . . 1000A,
2 & 4 Quadrant programmable system control functions

EMC Approved




Motor specification details

KW and voltage

RPM or number of poles ( the formula is RPM = 120 x frequency / no of poles )
The mounting - foot ( B3 )or flange ( B5 )                     

Degree of protection – IP55 is standard but IP56, IP65 and IP66 are optional.

Frame size = bottom of foot to centre of shaft in mm.  Above frame size 250/280 consider insulated bearings.

Frames can be cast iron or aluminium


Rectifier assemblies, air & water cooled
Heatsink & hardware
Power diodes, SCR's, hybrid powerblocks & transistors
                                          SCR Controllers, Single & Three Phase

Signal conditioning modules
Signal transmitters Signal converters
Signal isolators
Transducer modules
Power transducers Signal alarm & trip modules
Flow, temperature & humidity sensors Digital panel meters

Pump Station Management

Relays, plug-in, solid state & pcb
Timers & counters
Photoelectric & proximity sensors
Limit & micro switches
Temperature & humidity controllers
Valve position controllers
Level controllers, conductivity, capacitance & ultrasonic
Programmable process controllers
Motor protection & speed detection relays
Rotary encoders & electronic cam positioners
Power supplies
Programmable logic controllers & software
Intelligent digital panel-meters
            Omron's on line Data Disk

Timeswitches . . . analog & digital
Synchronous & quartz operation

Power diodes, SCR's & powerblocks

Power diodes, stud type to 350A.

Large digital displays Intelligent digital meters, Digital monitors & indicators
High visibility bargraph displays, Portable digital PH meters

Timeswitches . . . plug-in, synchronous, & quartz operation


Power Filters single & 3 phase

Surge protection. . . Power, Signal & Comm's
Overvoltage protection Lightning protection devices


Since 1982 MEAN WELL has developed over 5000 models of switch mode power supply. All have been designed with long term reliability, functionality and cost in mind.

Today MEAN WELL power supplies are used across Australia in LED Lighting Applications, Industrial & Process Automation, Communications Systems and Medical Equipment.

MEAN WELL was established in 1982 by Mr Jerry Lim, who still heads up the company today. In 1986 MEAN WELL started to design a range of standard switch mode power supplies. The core focus of MEAN WELL has always been high reliability at an affordable price. This is why MEAN WELL is one of the moshighly regarded power supply manufacturers in the world.


LV & HV current transformers Metering, protection, summation & interposing types LV distribution isolating links

Power Meters & Monitors
Energy analysers
Miniature Digital KWH Meters
Energy & Power Transducers

19” Rack & Tower
Uninteruptable Power Supplies
Up to & Including 40 KVA

Temperature sensors . . . thermocouples, RTD's, thermowells, & associated hardware, standard & custom manufact

Pulse firing transformers for SCR's

DC Power Supplies DC/DC Converters Digital Panel Meters

Power Transducers